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Align your body with your feet

You Will Feel:

1 NO Foot pain
2 NO Knee pain
3 NO Lower Back pain
4 Stability through the well-fixed heel
5 A cushion effect for your feet
6 Less load on spine and joints

Prevent and Cure:

Flat feet Flat feet
Heel spurs Heel spurs
Plantar fasciitis Plantar fasciitis
Morton's neuroma Morton's neuroma
Pronation Pronation
Bunions Bunions
Shin splints Shin splints
Metatarsalgia Metatarsalgia

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Our Happy Customers


I had these exact same shoes several years ago and have always been my favorite. They are still in great shape just showing some age. I've been looking for these EasyFeet forever and had just about given up so I'm so excited to find them again. They have great arch support and the fit is perfect for me. EasyFeet are awesome!

Karuna R.

Would recommend this product. Put in my tennis shoes 2 weeks ago .A big difference in comfort , no lower back pain or foot pain since using .Will be purchasing more for all my shoes . Gonna purchase for my husbands work boots as well

Michael B.

These insoles are thinner than the original insoles. So I was a bit worried I may lose my balance while playing. But it turned out fine.

Michael C.

Did 5 miles in these on very hilly terrain village. So comfortable and I swear they helped me so much with the memory foam. Very nice. Pleasantly impressed.

Geoffrey K.

This is my second pair of these shoes. They are so comfortable. The low heel makes putting them on extremely easy, which is very nice because I have trouble with my back so bending over to tie shoes is a big problem. My first pair was purchased about 2 years ago, and are still in great shape, just a little dirty because of wearing them out to the country. I have a wide foot, so the width of these is perfect. I would buy these insoles over and over as long as they stay as comfortable as they are.


I need sport shoes with a good support. I have bought several pairs of insoles in the last six months hunting for some I could call comfortable and that I could wear longer than a few minutes. I have had to give some of them to my daughter because I could not wear them longer than ten minutes. Then I found these and they are just what I needed. Very comfortable for me and my problem feet!

Jeanie E.

THESE pads on sneakers are exactly what I needed and immediately reduced and practically eliminated all the problems I was having.

Andrew L.

I have a knee problem and this shoe helps me with support. I have bought 2 more pairs different colors because all my other shoes do not help. Easy to slip on.

Jack L.

This is the third pair of Sketchers slip on sneakers I've owned over the years! They are the most comfortable sneaker ever! Only reason I have to replace is because I started using them in the garden and they got quite dirty... fault of my own!! Runs true to size too!!


I LOVE these shoes. This is my second pair but they run a little big. My first pair was a size 8 so I ordered the same size but they are too big. I still wear them because I love how comfortable they are. I probably should have got a 7.5.. next time I will!

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Free shipping Free shipping
1 year warranty 1 year warranty
90-day free returns 90-day free returns
90-day free returns Fits most shoes

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