Your strength
needs support

After years of walking and standing the arches
of your feet gradually weaken. Our orthotics
will distribute your body weight to protect
your spine and joints.

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Align your body with your feet

You Will Feel:

1 NO Foot pain
2 NO Knee pain
3 NO Lower Back pain
4 Stability through the well-fixed heel
5 A cushion effect for your feet
6 Less load on spine and joints

Prevent and Cure:

Flat feet Flat feet
Heel spurs Heel spurs
Plantar fasciitis Plantar fasciitis
Morton's neuroma Morton's neuroma
Pronation Pronation
Bunions Bunions
Shin splints Shin splints
Metatarsalgia Metatarsalgia

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Our Happy Customers

Holly J.

I give them 5 stars and highly recommend them. So far this is one of the best inserts I’ve owned. The support and comfort is felt the minute you slip it into your shoes. Have been wearing them for about a week and my ankle and arch pain have been significantly reduced. Will definitely be ordering more.

Ted A. W.

I bought the fat guy size, over 220lbs they are comfortable, soft enough to feel good on the feet, but firm enough to support the arch and straighten the ankle. Just wearing while working...they have reduced the effect of a sore im happy with the purchase......thanks!

Sarah G.

I love love love these and so do my feet. If you have flat feet buy these.That being said they are not magical and if you're on your feet for a long time, say walking at Disney you'll still need to take breaks.But comfort wise these are the best and the nerve pain I was have 2 years ago has completely gone away since I started wearing these.

James D.

The first day I wore them when I left for work my knees were aching after a couple hours I noticed my knees didn’t hurt any more

William T.

Feet were in pain every night. These took the pain away. Thank you.


I work at warehouse job and have to wear composite toed shoes. Standing and walking all day can serously put so much stress on your feet. I would get blisters and feet pain from wearing them. Then I bought these. In the end of the day my feet are now happy and thank me.

Free shipping 2 days delivery
Free shipping Free shipping
1 year warranty 1 year warranty
90-day free returns 90-day free returns
90-day free returns Fits most shoes

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