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You can track your order by clicking on the tab Order Tracking

Thank you for your purchase of EASYFEET® insoles! Once an order is placed, you have a window of 12 hours to cancel it before it processes to the warehouse. Simply click on 'My Account - Change or Cancel an Order' section.

EASYFEET® shipments typically arrive within 2-6 business days. Processing and shipments are based on business days only and do not include holidays or weekends.

EASYFEET® offers a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the EASYFEET® product, you may return the insoles back within 90 days of purchase. Products may be returned by post to the same address indicated on the box. Alternatively, you may request a replacement, if you got a defective pair or a wrong size insoles.

If you never got your order, please email via the Contact us form with your order ID, and we will do our best to fix the situation promptly.

When purchasing on our online shop, all exchanged data is sent using a secure connection. We accept the following payment methods:
- Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
- PayPal
- Apple Pay
- Google Pay

Once the payment is confirmed (2-4 business days) the product will be sent to you.

At EASYFEET, we know that fast, reliable shipment of your merchandise is important to you. Most orders are shipped out on the same working day that the order is placed and confirmed.

Currently, we only deliver products to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia.The good news is, we plan to start delivering to a selection of other countries as well.

If you want to know more about when we will sell to other countries than the ones listed above and why we do not at this moment, please don't hesitate to contact us.

EASYFEET® insoles are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes. Simply choose the insole size to correspond with your shoe size.

Our insoles are designed true to size, and for most customers, trimming will not be necessary.

In some cases, the toe of the insole may bunch up against the edge of the shoe, and trimming the insole may help.

Cut along the outline that matches your original insole or use the size table as a guide. Replace the existing shoe insoles with TPU side facing down.

Our company reshapes the understanding of truly efficient orthotics, revealing the truth about the genuine purpose of shoe insoles: to live pain-free and regain the quality of life.

This purpose challenges us to constantly grow and expand at great speed.

And of course, your feedback is extremely important for future customers and for us as sellers, so we know what we are doing right and what we can improve upon.

We don't recommend washing your insoles because the top layer (with the logo) of fabric is laminated and it may rip or tear.

Moreover, the constant water exposure would drastically shorten their life.We'd recommend cleaning your insoles using a damp towel and mild detergent.

The possible cause for squeaking or unwanted noise is the friction between the hard TPU thermoplastic polyurethane and shoe material.

This squeaking sound often goes away without treatment after the break-in period. It can also be eliminated by applying a small amount of paraffin wax or baby powder to the bottom of the insole.

EASYFEET® insoles are designed to last six (4-6) months with regular use.

They are made of the highest quality materials, over time, constant wear and heat will eventually compress them.

Once compressed, you will no longer feel the original comfort. When performing higher impact activities, they may need to be replaced more frequently.

Yes, the EASYFEET® insoles can be easily removed and placed into a different pair of shoes. However, if you want to see the true effects of retraining your feet and posture, it's best to ensure the shoes you wear most often have their own, dedicated pair of insoles.

We recommend purchasing a pair of orthotics for each pair of shoes to help extend the product life.