Introducing our Black Onyx Premium Insoles

Introducing our Black Onyx Premium Insoles — Foto

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The EASYFEET cares about the health of your feet!

Did you ever think about how to become healthier just by putting insoles inside your shoes? The EASYFEET company approaches insoles from a different vantage point of other similar companies, which give our premium insoles uniqueness. In our company we care for health therefore we are here to provide you with effective orthotic solutions to foot-related and common body alignment problems. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people enjoy their lives again, free of pain and doing the things they love without restrictions.

If you are looking for a top quality and comfort in every detail, the Black Onyx insoles add comfy to your feet during daily activities

Our Black Onyx premium insoles are specially designed to become a luxury accessory for your outfit, when everything is thought out to the details. Designed with comfort in mind, these premium insoles provide a host of benefits and add high arch support to your feet. The unique design and proprietary process yields a high-quality and highly functional insole that will make you won't want to part with Black Onyx insoles.

The newest Dry feet tech is especially developed as an unique solution to those who are looking for high-quality sweat absorption to feel comfortable during the day. It includes soft velvet and improved premium components of the insole - the orxinlite layer, which let skin breathe, and prevent foot odor. 

Going beyond standard insoles, the Black Onyx premium insoles have been specially designed with every detail in mind: 

  • Premium comfort for your feet
    Modern insole design is made to align the foot in the correct physiological position and therefore provide with the upgraded comfort while wearing your favourite footwear.
  • Healthy body alignment
    Do you often feel discomfort in your body? Properly selected insoles can improve not only the position of the foot, but also affect the provision of a correct and healthy body position
  • Strong arch support & Heel fixation
    The deep heel and strong arch give enhanced foot stabilization and improved body alignment. Our insoles, by providing support to the proper areas of the foot, also allow your body to maintain proper alignment through your stride, which reduces the felt stress. 
  • Improved shock absorption pads
    The Black onyx insoles have shock-absorbing softening heel and forefoot pads specially added for shock absorption and foot cushioning during daily activities.
  • Odor & Sweat control
    Thanks to Dry feet technology our inserts capture sweat, and pull it to the surface of the moisture-wicking fabric so it can evaporate and let your feet stay dry all day long. 
  • Durability up to 12 months
    The Black Onyx insoles are made from top quality materials to give prolonged usability and let you enjoy walking, all-day office work and any other activities.

Insoles is not just about comfort – it’s about your well-being

The EASYFEET Black Onyx orthotic insoles provide extra comfort for your foot, keep proper and healthy body position,  decreasing muscle fatigue and relieving stress on legs and spine. Our shoe inserts are a unique opportunity for your feet to stay healthy and active whenever you go. Using these insoles can change your feeling of a long walk into health-boosting activity. 

Because of the unique features of our Black Onyx orthopedic insoles, you can be sure that our insoles can help you get relief from a wide variety of common foot problems. 

We offers the best service and warranty program:

  • Black Onyx insoles have a durability up to 12 months!
    We seriously take into attention the quality of the materials, monitor production and do an independent inspection in order to offer you the best quality insoles. 
  • 1-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee
    We offer you a 1-year warranty of insoles in use. Also, you may return the insoles to us for any reason, even if they have already been trimmed or used.
  • 24/7 customer service team
    Our company has a friendly and experienced staff available to answer any questions you may have regarding our product. 


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Black Onyx is suitable for sports activities and designed for those who are looking for an insole that gives extra energy during sports, reduces fatigue, and prevents foot odor due to excellent breathability.
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