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  • PREMIUM COMFORT & DESIGN: The EASYFEET Black Onyx premium insoles are specially designed for improved comfort, and become a luxury accessory for your outfit during daily activities.

  • IMPROVED BODY ALIGNMENT: Our deep heel and strong arch give you enhanced foot stabilization and improved body alignment. The EASYFEET orthotic insoles provide additional arch support which helps distribute body weight and lessen foot impact evenly. 

  • FEET PAIN PREVENTION: Our insoles are recommended to improve stamina and foot pain relief. They give more power to the feet while walking, reduce fatigue, shock impact, and strain on the lower back, also, they provide arch support, heel, and metatarsal shock absorption. 

  • AIR PERMEABILITY & ODOR CONTROL: The improved premium component of the insole from the special orxinlite layer lets skin breathe, and prevent foot odor. These inserts prevent foot and leg fatigue, capture sweat, and pull it to the surface of the moisture-wicking fabric so it can evaporate. It also gives extra power for active life and they are perfect for walking, all-day office work and other activities.


EASYFEET Black Onyx Premium Orthotic.

EASYFEET is a healthcare company that offers efficient orthotic remedies for issues with the feet and typical body alignment. One of her best inventions is the EASYFEET Black Onyx Premium Orthotic. Through this premium orthotic, they have made it possible for countless individuals to live pain-free, fulfilling lives filled with the activities they adore.

Features of EASYFEET Black Onyx Premium Orthotic.

The following are the top characteristics that make EasyFeet orthotics differ from other orthopedic shoe insoles.

  1. They are designed to help relieve lower back, heel, shin, knee, and arch discomfort. Our insoles are recommended to improve stamina and foot pain relief, prevent injuries and ensures plantar fasciitis relief.
  2. Black Onyx orthotic insoles are designed to give an improved premium comfort due to top-quality and long-lasting materials.
  3. EASYFEET truly lives up to its name through the help of a special and additional orxinlite layer that increases the stress absorption ability of the insole, lets skin breathe, and prevent foot odor.
  4. The premium insoles have a special heel cup shape that keeps your feet firmly in place, prevents sliding and give enhanced foot stabilization.
  5. The presence of strong arch support assists in maintaining optimum foot positioning for healthy body and foot alignment.
  6. The shock absorption pads give a cushioning in the forefoot, arch, and heel area which helps to relief muscles fatigue during all-day activities.

How EASYFEET Orthotic Works.

These luxury foot inserts reduce the ground response force that pushes against your foot when you stand, walk, or run. It, therefore, improves your foot functions, increases balance, and lessens any excessive forces that result in foot damage.


Benefits of EASYFEET Orthotics

  • A broader area of contact with the soles of the feet is made possible by the anatomical insoles shape that EASYFEET orthotics give with significant arch support.
  • In addition to supporting and cushioning your feet, EASYFEET orthotics disperse the pressure regular activities place on them. If you have a common feet problems, an active lifestyle or spend a lot of your workweek standing, this type of orthotic is quite beneficial.
  • The EASYFEET orthotics can assist in reducing discomfort brought on by biomechanical foot structure misalignments brought on by ailments including flat feet, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis.
  • They can also provide muscles relief without placing undue stress on other joints and areas of the body.
  • The EASYFEET shoe insoles premium can also help you improve your stamina and athletic performance.

For these reasons, EASYFEET is the best place to buy premium orthotics arch support.

Shipping, Delivery, Refunds, and Return Process.

These luxury insoles are readily accessible for purchase on the company website. After the order is placed, processing time before delivery can range from one to three business days. It should be noted that on weekends, they don't ship. You will automatically get a system-generated email with a tracking number when your orders are shipped.

You have 90 days starting from the day you get your item to ask for a return under our 90-day policy. Your item must be brand new, unused, unworn, with tags, and in the original packing to be eligible for a return. Also required is the receipt or other kind of evidence of purchase. A return process can be initiated by sending an email to

Guide on How to Install EASYFEET Insoles.

  1. Check if your shoes already come with their insoles (sometimes called in-socks) and if these can be removed to give your new EASYFEET premium insoles more room.
  2. The next step is to check that your new premium orthotic insoles fit inside your shoe. It may need to be trimmed if it doesn't. To guarantee you get the appropriate form and size while trimming, use the old in-sock from that shoe as a cutting guide.
  3. The new luxury insoles will last longer if you use caution when placing them in your shoes, so keep that in mind. Therefore, when installing it, angle the bottom of the insole at 30° to 40° toward the shoe's interior before inserting it. The insole ought to fit comfortably after that.


We are certain of giving your feet optimum satisfaction. However, if you don’t have 100% satisfaction within the first 90 days, we will attend to you in the way that suits you best.
90 day full



Do I have to remove existing shoe inserts?

You can replace the existing shoe insoles with EASYFEET® with the hard TPU side facingdown.

What type of shoes does it fit?

EASYFEET® insoles fit most of the footwear, except dress and heel shoes.

How often should I replace the insoles?

It is recommended with other insoles that you replace them every six months or so. I am not sure when you should replace these. I would replace it if it seems like they are breaking down or are not offering the support that they once had.

When I can feel the effect?

You can feel the effect after the first week, in case you wear the insoles regularly. However, we strongly recommend starting with 2-3 hours per day, so your feet can get used to arch support. Then increase the time every day.

How can I return the insoles?

All our clients can return or exchange the insoles if they are not satisfied with the product. You can return your insoles even if they have been trimmed.

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