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Flame Boost

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  • NEXT GENERATION ORTHOTIC SPORT INSOLES EASYFEET: Flame Boost is specially designed for high-intensity sport. Sports insoles are flexible with optimal arch support that provides motion control. High-grade shock absorption with gel forefoot and heel pads enhance cushioning. In our athletic insoles, the foam layer provides comfort from heel to toe. The velvety breathable cover provides top-notch foot comfort. Live every moment to the fullest and enjoy your activities with EASYFEET® shoe insoles!

  • FOOT PAIN RELIEF. PREVENTION OF INJURIES: Flame Boost shoe inserts minimize foot-related pain, reduce stress on joints, knees, and lower back. Running insoles minimize the risk of common injuries, including runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fracture. These athletic insoles help to prevent slippage that would cause blisters. The springy TPU arch in EASYFEET® insoles for sport gently supports your foot. PU foam layer provides equal load distribution.

  • EXTRA ENERGY. COMFORT AND CUSHIONING: Sports insoles provide maximum cushioning because of the gel in the forefoot. Our technology insoles reduce stress on your lower body joints which gives you more energy and keeps you on your feet longer. The breathable, soft orxinilite foam layer allows air circulation and quickly absorbs moisture, keeping your foot dry and fresh. Moisture-wicking treatment in insoles for running manages temperature and prevents odor.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE ATHLETIC & RUNNING INSOLES: Flame Boost is ideal for walking, running, and cross-training. Thу cross-training insoles are perfect for people, who participate in a wide range of athletic activities such as CrossFit, gym, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc. These running insoles provide extra cushioning and shock absorption with each strike of the forefoot and rearfoot. They suit all types of walking and running, including jogging, team and individual sports, hiking, and more.

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Flame Boost insoles are designed for high-intensity sport. The insoles are flexible with optimal arch support that provides motion control.


Sports insoles provide maximum cushioning. Flame Boost shoe inserts are ideal for walking, running, and cross-training. This model is understood as a safe source of energy and a real pain relief tool.


Simply trim the insoles and put EASYFEET® into most of your footwear to be sure you wear extra shock absorption inserts during 80% of your active day!


- Cut along the outline of your original insole, or follow the size table as a guide.
- Replace the existing shoe insoles with EASYFEET best high arch support insoles with the hard TPU side facing down

EASYFEET insoles are guaranteed to give you 100% satisfaction in every way for 90 days from the date of purchase. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our products, return them to us within 90 days and we will resolve the issues in the most efficient way.
1 year
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Do I have to remove existing shoe inserts?

You can replace the existing shoe insoles with EASYFEET® with the hard TPU side facingdown.

What type of shoes does it fit?

EASYFEET® insoles fit most of the footwear, except dress and heel shoes.

How often should I replace the insoles?

It is recommended with other insoles that you replace them every six months or so. I am not sure when you should replace these. I would replace it if it seems like they are breaking down or are not offering the support that they once had.

When I can feel the effect?

You can feel the effect after the first week, in case you wear the insoles regularly. However, we strongly recommend starting with 2-3 hours per day, so your feet can get used to arch support. Then increase the time every day.

How can I return the insoles?

All our clients can return or exchange the insoles if they are not satisfied with the product. You can return your insoles even if they have been trimmed.