Runner's knee / Flame Boost (2 Pack)

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Novel Orthotic Sport Insoles

The Flame Boost model is easily the best insole for running shoes, thanks to its high-density structure. It is flexible, and it improves motion control via advanced arch support. It has a gel forefoot for superb shock absorption and heel pads for back of foot cushioning. These high-grade running orthotics also double as the best insoles for flat feet running.

Keeps You Away From Injuries

Flame Boosts’ shock-absorbing insoles for running reduce issues associated with the foot and minimize the stress on the ankle, knees and the lower region of your back. With these best insoles for running shoes, you can enjoy your active life without worrying about common injuries like shin splints, a runner’s knee, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis.

Relief and Extra Support

Slippages during athletic activities may cause blisters on your feet. The Flame Boost running inserts are designed to protect your feet from slippages. The TPU arch is springy which helps cushion your feet as it steps on the ground. It also relieves foot problems through its PU foam layer, distributes your weight, and provides support for your foot.

Gain Extra Energy

The presence of  gel in the forefoot gives your foot a cushioned feel. The Flame Boost’s build makes it the best insole for running on concrete, thanks to its breathable, mushy orxinilite foam strip. Your feet feel the freshness of the air while remaining fresh, dry and preserved from odor.

Multi-Purpose Usage

Flame Boosts are not only running insoles, they can be used in other sporting activities, both outdoor and indoor. It can be used for walking, cross-training and skateboarding. These inserts for running shoes are shock absorbent and provide increased comfort for varying athletic activities.

How to trim insole





Do you have a high, neutral, or flat arch type? Flame Boost is designed to provide comfort and shock absorption to your feet regardless of arch type.



It is velvety, breathable, has arch support, relieves foot pain, and is the best running orthotics for flat feet. Flame Boost Insoles guarantee active and happy feet!



Simply trim the insoles and put EASYFEET® into most of your footwear to be sure you wear extra shock absorption inserts during 80% of your active day!



  1. Take out stock insoles from your shoe.
  2. Insert the Flame Boost Insole. If it is not a perfect fit, trace the stock insole on the Flame Boost insole, trim to size and insert the Flame Boost insole into the shoe.


We are certain of giving your feet optimum satisfaction. However, if you don’t have 100% satisfaction within the first 90 days, we will attend to you in the way that suits you best.
90 day full



Do I have to remove existing shoe inserts?

You can replace the existing shoe insoles with EASYFEET® with the hard TPU side facingdown.

What type of shoes does it fit?

EASYFEET® insoles fit most of the footwear, except dress and heel shoes.

How often should I replace the insoles?

It is recommended with other insoles that you replace them every six months or so. I am not sure when you should replace these. I would replace it if it seems like they are breaking down or are not offering the support that they once had.

When I can feel the effect?

You can feel the effect after the first week, in case you wear the insoles regularly. However, we strongly recommend starting with 2-3 hours per day, so your feet can get used to arch support. Then increase the time every day.

How can I return the insoles?

All our clients can return or exchange the insoles if they are not satisfied with the product. You can return your insoles even if they have been trimmed.

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